Our Services


We provide a comprehensive set of professional surveying services integrated to meet the unique challenges associated with land based projects. Our experience backed up by the state of the art equipment and carefully designed procedures, can provide fast, efficient results for projects ranging from small residential surveys to highly technical and long term construction and development projects in such areas:


Engineering Surveys

  • Setting out of designed road centerlines and profiles.
  • Setting out of kerbs, storm water and services for land development sites.
  • Setting out of civil works, bolts and plinths for mechanical installations.
  • Setting out profiles for bulk earthworks and platforms.
  • Profiling power lines and setting structures.
  • Setting out of building grid-lines.

Mining Surveys


  • Setting out of blast patterns and calculating of volumes.
  • Underground survey checks and Gyro Bases

Aerial Surveys

We offer Aerial Surveying services with the aid of the DJI Mavic 2 Pro, coupled with the usage of the Trimble Business Centre software for seamless ground data transfer and image processing. In order to generate digital orthophoto maps, digital terrain model (DTM), digital surface model (DSM) and digital elevation model (DEM).

GPS Surveys


  • Precision survey of beacons and establishing of Survey Networks on new projects.
  • Detail contour surveys of proposed development areas

Volumetric Surveys

  • Surveys of bulk material, excavations and landfill volumes.
  • Undertaking accurate volume calculations for roads, layer works and pipelines.

Control Station Establishments

Establishment of Local Engineering Survey Systems.
Construction of survey pillar beacons.

Survey Pillar Beacon Drawing

Cadastral Surveys

Geometric Designs

As-Built Surveys

  • Detail survey of roads
  • Detail survey of structures
  • Detail survey of stands.

Ground Laser Surveys

  • Face Profiling,
  • Burden Calculation
  • Muck Pile Profiling 
  • Stock pile Survey
  • Cast Blasting 
  • Drilling Control
  • Ground Modelling for Volumes and Casting
  • Building Surveys
  • Coastal Erosion
  • Tunnel Profiling
  • Slope Stability Monitoring
  • Deformation Measurement